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21 October 2015 / by Activist Radio (author)
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Activism is a different type of human activities. Activist – person who is doing some activities for justice and changes.

In Activism, activity meant fight for well-being of society and development of the country.

In Armenia, which is old with its history and young as independent country, there’s still a lot to do.

We, Activist Online Radio, choose democratic society, and country, where everybody is equally accepted and human rights of all are protected. We value society, where the main value is human dignity and freedom. We support development of such society, where there’s no discrimination on any grounds, and where people respect each other and their rights.

We discuss activism and real problems of our society from top to bottom. We provide free, independent, hate free and alternative platform to everybody who are interested in building stronger, democratic and independent society. We believe that discussion and sharing information with others will help in making our society more independent and democratic.

We value understanding and acceptance of diversity, equality, humanism and the priority of social justices and universal rights; we respect and recognize fundamental freedom; we promoting active citizenship, human rights and democratic values; we express our solidarity with marginalized groups of people, civil society actions and movements who are aiming to reach full democracy in the country.

We are Activists!




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